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Exhibition "Physics – Past and Future"

On the occasion of Max Planck's 150th birthday an exhibition will be held on the subject of "Physics – Past and Future" in Room ER 150 (Ernst-Ruska building / Old physics building) (opening times Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm).

The exhibition is made up of four parts:

(1.)    1858 – Physics 150 years ago: Year of Max Planck's birth
On the basis of the annals, this part of the exhibition shows what was up-to-date in physics at the time. Including some photos of physicists in Berlin: Dove, Magnus, Ohm, Poggendorff with brief vitas, photos of some old equipment. A map of Germany showing the universities and technical colleges.

(2.)    1908 – Physics 100 years ago: Max Planck's 50th birthday
On the basis of the annals and the "Physikalische Zeitschrift" [Journal of Physics], this part of the exhibition shows what was up-to-date in physics at this time. Including photos of the Berlin physicists Planck, Nernst, Warburg, Rubens, the young PhD students Franck, Hertz, v. Laue, W. Meissner, Lise Meitner, Pohl, Schottky, also with brief vitas. Illustrations of physics equipment.

(3.)    1958 – Physics 50 years ago: The celebrations on Max Planck's 100th birthday
Celebrations in East and West Berlin. Photos of the many guests, many of whom were young physicists in 1908, newspaper cuttings, letters.

(4.)    2108 – Physics in 100 years ago???

We would like to thank Mr. Jost Lemmerich for organising this exhibition.

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