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Frequently asked questions

1. The Submission of Contributions

1.1 How and until when must scientific contributions for the 2008 conference in Berlin be submitted?
Scientific contributions may be submitted until November 15 2007 to
The Conference language of the Conference in Berlin will be English. Of course, Abstracts can be submitted in German, too.
1.2 Am I registered automatically as a conference participant upon submission of the contribution?
No, one is not registered automatically as conference participant by submitting a contribution. A separate participant registration for this is provided at
1.3 How can I ensure that a contribution has been transferred properly?
It is important to carry out the steps for contribution submission in full. At the end, the system will generate a confirmation of proper receipt of the contribution on the screen as well as in an automatically generated email. This confirmation also contains a serial number that must be stated in possible inquiries in order to locate the contribution quickly and clearly in the database. The mere generation of a test formatting of a contribution does not yet constitute a submission to the system.
1.4 Who will assist me with technical questions regarding the submission of contributions?
Please first read the directions on the first contribution submission page at SPlease contact Dr. André Wobst via email () ) or by telephone +49-(0)700-83742635 should you have further questions (there will be a charge of up to € 0.12 Euro per minute when calling from a Deutsche Telekom landline. Please contact your telephone provider about contingent fees for calling a 0700 number).
1.5 Who will assist me with content-related questions regarding contribution submission?
Please contact the head of the section, the head of the working group or the organiser of the respective symposium.
1.6 Which contribution types are there and can I submit contributions of a special type?
Normally contributions of short lectures and posters will be accepted for the individual sectors. The content organisers (refer to question 1.5) determine which contribution types will be cleared for the respective sector. If need be, special invitations will be sent out regarding contributions of other types (for instance main lectures) via email invitation or it will be agreed that contribution types opened to the public are to be used for submission and the organisers will manually alter the contribution type afterwards. In some sectors the final classification of contributions according to contribution type will also be organised in a review process (for instance, for group reports and/or professional lectures). Additional information on the contribution types may possibly be found on the web pages of the appropriate sector.
1.7 Will there be post deadline conferences and how can one attend them?
Post deadline submission is possible in some sectors, with which a post deadline conference will then be compiled. The particulars will be determined by the content organisers (refer to question 1.5). Additional information on post deadline submission may possibly be found on the web pages of the appropriate sector.
1.8 What are collaborations?
Collaborations are authorships that are to be printed separately from the contributions. This saves space with the contributed texts for which there is only a strictly limited space available. Collaborations are lodged once in the system by a collaboration author and are then available for addition by (many) contributions. The collaborations are identified throughout the entire conference by means of their unique name. Collaborations are released only for conferences in which very large authorships appear (for instance, in particle physics).
1.9 How can I change an already submitted contribution?
Prior to expiry of the submission deadline contributions may be modified with the key that was generated during submission; however, a waiting time of 8 hours after the submission of contributions must be observed. After expiry of the submission deadline and the stoppage of access by the content organisers (refer to question 1.5), only organisers may carry out changes of the contributions in absolutely exceptional cases. Due to the tight schedule during the planning of the programme change requests will be rejected as a rule.
1.10 What happens, if I cannot attend the conference due to unforeseeable reasons after successfully having submitted my contribution?
Prior to expiry of the submission deadline contributions can be removed by the technical support (refer to question 1.4). After expiry of the submission deadline and the stoppage of access by the content organisers (refer to question 1.5), the organisers should be informed about cancellations as quickly as possible. Printed programmes or later updated programme versions can be adjusted, if necessary, depending on the time said the organisers receive message. In this way, at least the chairperson of the respective conference can thus be informed shortly before the conference. You will find additional information in point 2.4, in the event that you have already additionally registered as a participant and possibly have already paid the conference fee.

2. The Registration

2.1 Am I automatically registered for the conference after the submission of my talk??
No, you are not automatically registered for the conference. Please register here.
2.2 How do I realize that my registration was transferred correctly?
After checking by the DPG-Office you will receive a confirmation by email about the payment arrangements in a timely manner. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact Michaela Roth () or Conny Theodor ().
2.3 How do I realize that my payment has been received?
The incoming payments will be confirmed by email shortly before the conference date.
2.4 What happens if I can not participate at the conference for unpredictable reasons after payment of my registration fee?
In this case please send an email to Anne Friedrich (). If cancellation takes place prior to February 20th, 2008 the complete payment will be refunded. A 20 Euro cancellation fee will be applied in the case of non-participation and reclamation afterwards.
2.5 Is it possible to be accompanied by my partner to my talk without any additional costs?
Please contact the DPG Head Office (Phone +49 (0) 2224 / 92320 or locally at the conference office).

3. WE-Heraeus Communication Program

3.1 Which prerequisites must be met for sponsorship through the WE-Heraeus foundation?
Entitled within the framework of the communication programme are the authors or co-authors of conference contribution in the form of lectures or posters, submitted and advocated by the administration of the responsible DPG professional committee. Only one participant per contribution can receive sponsorship. Supported are exclusively DPG members of the subscription groups E, A and 3 (with subscription group 3: diploma students, masters students and doctoral students). You can find detailed information here.
3.2 Which documents do I need for an application?
You must be a DPG member and have the membership number handy when submitting your application. In addition, you will also need the serial number. of the submitted conference contribution (lecture or poster).
3.3 How can I be sure that my electronic application has been received?
You will receive the acknowledgement of receipt via email after a formal check.
3.4 I have missed the deadline (January 20, 2008) for electronic application. What can I do now?
Unfortunately, applications cannot be submitted past this date. Please enquire with your institution with regard to subsidisation of travelling expenses.
3.5 When is it definite whether I will be sponsored or whether my application has been denied?
You will receive confirmation of sponsorship or denial by the end of January of 2008.
3.6 Which documents are required for settlement?
We require the original copy of the certificate of participation with a stamped confirmation of arrival and departure for the settlement. Upon departure, you may submit the certificate of participation directly to the conference office. Alternatively, you may send the original copy of the certificate of participation by April 13, 2008 at the latest to the DPG office, Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef.
3.7 My arrival/departure has not been recorded on the receipt.
In the event that you did not receive an arrival or departure stamp, you may also send verification (copy of the hotel invoice or the train ticket) via email to Frau Theodor ().
3.8 What is allowable?
€ 20 per overnight stay, € 24 daily allowance, € 0.18 per double km commuted (there and back) between conference location and university location and the conference fee. Travelling costs within Germany will be reimbursed exclusively. A sponsorship quota is calculated from the available funds and the total grants applied for by the conference participants, which shall not exceed 50% of the stated costs.
3.9 How do I know that the DPG has the certificate of attendance and that a settlement is being issued?
The applications regarding the settlement will be processed following the conference. After that, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming the receipt of the conference receipt and details on the settlement fundamentals.
3.10 When will the travelling cost allowance be transferred to my account?
The travelling cost allowance will be transferred to the specified account in the beginning of May of 2008.
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